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The Boss Business Blog Breakdown [Part 2—SEO and Engagement]

Posted by Diane Campbell on Jun 24, 2017 11:38:00 AM

In our last blog post, we examined what you need to do to lay the foundation for a successful business blog. Today, we’ll get more specific and look at how to use that foundational work to make each individual blog post a valuable online asset.


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The Boss Business Blog Breakdown [Part 1—Focus on Your Audience]

Posted by Diane Campbell on Jun 22, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Your blog can be a powerful online asset—if you use it right. Anyone can throw up some stream-of-consciousness ramblings and hit “publish,” but if you want your blog to not only be read but to draw new visitors to your site and new customers to your business, you need to take a more systematic approach. In this 2-part series, we’ll break down the process of creating a blog post that gets your ideal readers’ attention with SEO, engages them with compelling content, and helps you forge lasting relationships with your online audience.

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Sell the Way Prospects Buy with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Diane Campbell on Jun 14, 2017 11:00:00 AM

What is inbound marketing?

It’s easiest to think of inbound marketing in contrast to “outbound” marketing. In the outbound model, a business sends out messages to a broad audience (such as radio, TV, or print ads) in hopes of reaching customers. Inbound, by contrast, is aimed at helping consumers find the business through their own research. This is accomplished largely through search engine optimization (SEO) practices with support from a consistent stream of online content that the company’s ideal customers value.

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Why Consider Rebranding?

Posted by Diane Campbell on May 31, 2017 2:48:36 PM

Every company needs to update its branding from time to time. Here are five reasons you should periodically revisit your branding choices and consider the benefits of an update.

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Lead Nurturing Success with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Diane Campbell on May 28, 2017 9:00:00 AM

One of the great things about inbound marketing is that it can turn your website into a lead-generating machine, working to attract visitors, engage them with your business, and nurture them into becoming leads and, ultimately, customers. Getting there takes careful planning, however. In order to successfully implement an inbound marketing strategy that can help your business achieve sustained growth, you need to provide information and resources that answer your visitors’ essential questions about your products and/or services and how you can help them.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing

Printing for Dummies: Types of Binding

Posted by Diane Campbell on May 22, 2017 11:04:00 AM

When ordering bound print materials, you’ll need to decide what type of binding you want to use. A professional printer can help you decide which type is the best fit for your needs and budget, but here is a basic overview to get you started.

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What Is Variable Data Printing?

Posted by Diane Campbell on May 15, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Variable data printing (VDP) is a method of digital printing that allows graphic or text elements to be easily and efficiently swapped out throughout a print job. For example, if you want to send a direct mail postcard to your customer list, variable data printing would let you cost-effectively personalize your marketing effort by presenting different offers or using different photos to better target specific types of customers.

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How Do I Use Hashtags?

Posted by Diane Campbell on May 9, 2017 9:15:00 AM

What are hashtags, anyway?

Hashtags are a popular way for users of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube to connect around a theme, like a news story, event, pop culture topic, or even a feeling. You can use hashtags in an effort to boost engagement with your posts by getting them in front of of a particular audience. But how do you use them effectively? It helps to begin by understanding their original purpose.

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How Our Website Design Process Works

Posted by Diane Campbell on May 5, 2017 12:05:00 PM

At Blue Frog Marketing, we’ve created modern, user-friendly websites for a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries. With each new project, we use a proven process to understand what our client wants and needs from the website and deliver a completed site that effectively conveys the businesses’ value and brand, attracts the right audience, and engages visitors. Here’s what to expect when you hire Blue Frog to build or redesign your website.

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How Can I Write Compelling Content on a Regular Basis?

Posted by Diane Campbell on Apr 25, 2017 11:23:00 AM

While creating exceptional written content is an essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), many people find writing to be stressful and difficult. How many times have you sat in front of your computer, struggling for a topic to write about or something interesting to say? To develop a prominent online presence, you must continuously create compelling content that your audience values. So, how do you overcome the inevitable writers’ block and keep your company’s website full of fresh, interesting, high quality content? Try these tips.

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